Witch apprentice by Pau Gamez

Witch apprentice

Autumn is her favourite season. It is the rain season in wich tree leaves turn to multiple tones. As soon as leaves fall, mushrooms appear and she goes into the woods to collect ingretients. Despite she is a neat-handed apprentice she still has a lot of things to learn. Instead of despearing, she loves the process of becoming a real witch. She knows the best way to learn is making mistakes. So, she adds notes to her books to remember what she did wrong last time. Also, she usually complement her lessons helping other witches in their crafts.

21 x 29,7 cm

Witch apprentice process steps by Pau Gamez
Oni attacks by Pau Gamez

Oni attacks

Digital art
42 x 59,4 cm

Tori are gates to gods dimension. As well as we can walk through those gates, gods can use it to come in our world. Eventually, demons try to use those gates too. We are here to keep an eye on them. We are responsible for taking them away from this world with the help of temple guardians.

Oni attacks process steps by Pau Gamez
Oni attacks details by Pau Gamez

Shhh… don’t you resist

Digital illustration.
21 x 29,7 cm.

«It was a mistake, you should know it. Even though, you entered my forest trying to kill me. Many others have tryed it before you and their bodies fertilized these trees… you were brave and an experimented haunter… you fool. This is my kingdom: I was here before the forest itself. When you realised my hair pointed me the exact place you were, it was late. Too late for you. So calm down… shhh, don’t you resist.»


«What can we do? Those giant bastards came from the deepest and darkest part of the Universe to steal what was left after our grandpas had spoiled the planet. They fought and humans got by. However, our civilization colapsed. Noone understands their technology. There’s nothing to do with them… except selling their pieces.»


Digital illustration.
59’4 x 32 cm.

Do you remember qhen they came? by Pau Gamez
Do you remember when they came? character 1 detail by Pau Gamez
Do you remember when they came? character 2 detail by Pau Gamez
Do you remember when they came? alien detail by Pau Gamez

Do you remember when they came?

handmade pencil, old school inking and digital color.
59’4 x 42 cm.

Some time has passed since they attempted to colonize our planet. For one unexplainable reason we succeeded. In spite of prepare us for what could come, we’ve got used to seeing their shapes being covered of oxide.

«- Do you remember when they came? I mean, we were brats but I can remember that noise… like a BOOM! and something like, you know, as if someone was scraching a gigantic fork against the path.

– Yeah, how it scared me! And I was not the only one who peed on my panties, Don’t trust what you read in the Net.

– Look at them: building up a fucking town under one of those monsters as if they were saying we kicked your big ass! And look at this, watch this super mega cannon blowed up after a shot. An-unique-fucking-shot! It hit the bulls-eye, tho.

– But it was fucking luck, was not it? A virus, dude. It’s said that a fucking-shit-virus killed’m all. What if not? Flash! They’d have vanished us all.»

Thirsty Scars
Thirsty Scars detail by Pau Gamez
Thirsty Scars steps animation by Pau Gamez

Thirsty Scars

Old school pencil and ink. Digital color.
21 x 29’7 cm.


«Assholes! How hard was it not to kill the planet? I’m sure while you were drowing in your own shit you still said it’s only another plastic blister and in 30 years we all will be dead. Useless and arrogant braindead, how wrong you were: a few of us are still alive. The worst part is that some of us is following your steps. I’d spit out over your tombs if it waswn’t a waste of saliva. I wish some one of you wasn’t dead to skin him alive and crawling him through the wasteland you forced us to inherit.»

ilustración Nuevos Horizontes - by Pau Gmez
Ilustración Nuevos Horizontes - by Pau Gámez
Ilustración Nuevos Horizontes - by Pau Gámez
animación del proceso de crado de Nuevo Horizontes

New orizons

Old school pencils and inking. Digital color.
40 x 59 cm.

«Many things have happened in the world. So many things and it’s been so long that all of them got lost through this process. All except fear… and maybe the Time itself: fear isolate us and time did all the rest. Well, we haven’t lost curiosity. And provability neither. Or maybe I’m wrong. Or both of them, ‘cos it’s hard to know where your feet will take you to when even the path itself is lost and curiosity is your only guide finding new orizons. Starting this journey is provably a full mistake.»

Ilustración banner Fantasy Chess - by Pau Gámez

◊ Fantasy chess ◊

The fantasy chess which you will not play with black and white pieces but fairies and mermaids!

Ilustración Historias Efímeras - portada - by Pau Gámez

Historias Efímeras

Old school pencils ang inking. Digital color
29,7 x 42 cm.
Año: 2006

Ilustración Voldof - by Pau Gámez


«I can hear their whispers over the screams, hits and roarings. They are constant and clear coming from the runes carved on my hammer. They vibe excitated and lend me their power ‘cos we’re in communion: there is only one thing we hate more than an orch, a demon.»

Digital tinted over traditional pencil
29,7 x 34 cm.

Ilustración Laidy & Dragon - by Pau Gámez

Lady & Dragon

«Only a few have the gift to be able to control a dragon. The elven priestess was one of them and she had perfect domine over her beast.»

Watercolors over old school ink.
29,7 x 42 cm.

Ilustración Geisha - by Pau Gámez


Digital tinted over traditional pencil.
29,7 x 42 cm.

Ilustración Fire Lotus - by Pau Gámez

Fire lotus

Digital tinted over traditional pencils.
21 x 29’7 cm.

Ilustración Musa - by Pau Gámez


Old school pencils and ink. Digital color
21 x 29,7 cm.

Ilustración Ninfa Céltica - by Pau Gámez

Celtic nymph

Digital tinted over traditional pencils.
42 x 29’7 cm.

«He trusted enough on his soldiers to wait no find someone in his tend. After the shok, he discarded punish them due to the kind of being his guest was. Her beauty and her grace movements help him to dismiss, of course. Immediately he aware that the symbols on her wings were similar to the ones he have seen over stones nearby this place. He realised that in fact, the guest in this country was not that being but himself. He swallowed. Making deals with fata beings never go the way you spect.»

Ilustración Valkiria - by Pau Gámez


Digitla tinted over traditional pencils.
35 x 50 cm.

Ilustración Diablejo - by Pau Gámez

Little demon

Old school inking and digital color.
15 x 15 cm.

ilustración CSMBCN2010 - by Pau Gámez

SMBcn poster

Old school inking and digital color.
35 x 50 cm.


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